Municipal Bonds / Public Finance

Municipal bonds are the primary tool for public infrastructure financing and a primary focus of our practice. There are a number of legal bond structures available for financing public infrastructure projects, public/private partner­ships, and private economic develop­ment projects. More information regard­ing the spectrum of project types, and municipal bond legal and tax structures comprising our practice is set forth in Municipal Bonds / Public Finance.

Multifamily Housing Finance

With extensive experience in multifamily housing development, and per­haps the largest affordable housing finance practice in South Carolina, Howell Linkous & Nettles is well-equipped to assist housing authorities, non-profits, and for-profit developers with their market-rate or affordable multifamily projects. For more information about our housing practice, see Multifamily Housing Finance.

Native American Tribal Bonds

From school and road construction to tribal gaming facility finance, Native American tribal bonds are an essential tool for comm­unity and economic development in Indian Country. With some of the greatest infra­structure needs, tribal communities often have some of the greatest infrastructure financing opportunities. See Native American Tribal Bonds, for more information on our firm’s experience in Indian Country.

School Finance

Educational institutions of all types are some of the largest beneficiaries of tax exempt bonds. In addition to their considerable experience in serving as bond counsel to many public school districts, our bond attorneys have handled public finance transactions for state colleges and universities, private colleges and universities, charter public schools, and private elementary and secondary schools, including church affiliated schools. These financings can take the form of the direct issuance of bonds by the institution, or the use of conduit state or local issuers to issue revenue bonds on behalf of the school or university. See School Finance for more information.

State and Local Government Law

Our firm is focused on helping governmental entities solve problems. While governmental finance is a large aspect of our practice, we often assist our governmental clients with other matters such as powers of state and local govern­ments, property taxation questions, Freedom of Infor­mation Act issues, and elect­ion law matters. For more information about these and other matters, see State and Local Government Law.

Tax Credits

Whether you require essential project equity funding through federal Low Income Hous­ing Tax Credits (LIHTCs) or New Markets Tax Credits, or gap-filling State tax credits for infrastructure (SSRC), historic tax credits, jobs tax credits, or some other structure, we can assist our clients in securing the tax credits that best suit their transaction. See Tax Credits, for more information on our tax credit practice.