Powers of State and Local Governments

Our representation of State and local governmental entities is not limited to public finance and bond matters. Our lawyers have considerable experience in all matters of municipal law, including issues involving powers of governmental bodies. Whether it entails litigation, negotiation, or draughting legislation, the lawyers at Howell Linkous & Nettles can provide your agency or government with the experienced “know how” to address your issues of State and local government law.

This experience was garnered not just from our extensive legal backgrounds, but also from personal service on various governmental boards and commissions. Sam Howell served as the Charleston County Attorney for four years, garnering extensive experience in all aspects of local government law. He has also served on several State boards and commissions, including the South Carolina State Election Commission and the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority, where he gained first-hand knowledge of the workings of State agencies and the issues of State government law.

Our attorneys have been counsel in several of the more significant appellate cases deciding fundamental issues of State and local government law in South Carolina. In the Vander Linden case, where Sam Howell represented all of the legislative delegations in the State as a class, the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals decided the rĂ´le that the Legislative Delegation should play in county affairs in light of County Home Rule. We have also represented local government in such crucial matters as property tax reform measures, annexation disputes, property tax levies, and the powers of charter schools, such as City of North Charleston, et al. v. Charleston County, et al.; Riverwoods LLC, et al. v. Charleston County, et al.; and Charleston County Parents for Public Schools, Inc., et al. v. Charleston County Auditor, et al.