Property Taxation

Our property tax practice involves such issues as property tax appeals and contests of property tax assessments and valuations, qualification for complete or partial exemptions from property taxation, tax sales and foreclosures, and appeals of classification of property. This practice area combines the expertise of our lawyers in taxation matters in general with their experience with governmental finance. In addition, Sam Howell’s personal experience includes his handling every property tax case and appeal in Charleston County when he was the Charleston County Attorney. Some of these cases are Riverwoods LLC, et al. v. Charleston County, et al.; Charleston County Assessor v. Hodges; Charleston County Assessor v. Gladsky; Buist v. Charleston County Assessor; Young v. Charleston County Assessor; Gift Plantation v. Charleston County Assessor; North Charleston River Place v. Charleston County Assessor; Dunmeyer v. Charleston County Assessor; Charleston County Assessor v. Golf Wheels, Inc.; Charleston County Assessor v. Schmidt; and Garretson v. Charleston County Assessor.

In addition to representing industries, developers, and homeowners in property tax controversies, the firm also assists local governments in disputes involving property taxation and collections. For example, our firm has successfully represented school districts in recovering large tax collections from county government. We have represented special purpose districts in municipal annexation disputes over the continuation of taxes to fund services. And we have represented county government in litigation and appeals regarding property tax reform measures.

The lawyers at Howell Linkous & Nettles can provide the counsel and advocacy needed to assist taxpayers and governmental bodies in the resolution of property tax controversies.