Healthcare Finance

The bond lawyers at our firm have hands-on experience with healthcare finance for non-profit hospitals and other healthcare providers, having served as bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel, or issuer’s counsel for hundreds of millions of dollars of tax-exempt conduit revenue bonds issued to fund such facilities located across the South. These facilities range from large acute care hospitals, to rural medical centers, to governmentally-owned nursing homes, to privately-owned retirement facilities and assisted-living facilities.

We have also assisted for-profit hospitals with economic development incentives designed to give some measure of parity for those institutions that are unable to avail themselves of tax-exempt bond financing because of the restrictions of federal tax law, but that nonetheless pay property taxes and assessments, unlike many of the non-profit hospitals, such as fee-in-lieu of taxes (FILOTs), payment-in-lieu of taxes (PILOTs), infrastructure credits, and special source revenue bonds (SSRBs).

The bond attorneys in our firm come from backgrounds with experience in addressing the myriad of issues confronting the financing of healthcare facilities. Even with a complex transaction involving many parties, we strongly believe that the only thing clients give up by working with our firm instead of one of the large bond counsel firms is high overhead. By concentrating our practice in just a few related areas of law, and allocating our resources solely in those areas, we can provide public finance law services to our healthcare clients in a focused and efficient manner.