Solid Waste Disposal Facilities Financing

With continued population growth in most of the South, solid waste disposal consumes more time and resources of local government. The bond lawyers at Howell Linkous & Nettles bring a vast array of experience to bear for clients tackling this difficult issue. From traditional landfills, to resource recovery facilities (“trash to cash”), to hazardous and medical waste incinerators, we bring to municipal finance knowledge gained from years of working “in the trenches” on these issues.

As bond counsel, we have worked with communities that rely on landfills and on incinerators that generate energy (in the form of steam) that is sold to offset the disposal costs. Our lawyers have served as bond counsel for regional landfill authorities, where the local governments combine resources to address this need.

Our bond attorneys have also assisted private waste disposal companies in financing landfill facilities with tax exempt bonds and have assisted private manufacturers with tax exempt bond financing for recycling facilities. Our firm has also assisted clients with the preparation of applications for Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) to provide funding for waste-to-energy plants.

Among the more challenging structures for which our firm has served as bond counsel has been the sale of methane produced from landfill facilities to power the boilers at a manufacturing facility. This financing involved the use of governmental purpose bonds, tax exempt private activity bonds, and taxable private activity bonds to fund a system designed to address Clean Air Act requirements, whilst recycling the methane for use as a fuel.

With this quality of experience, your financing team will be enhanced with the addition of the bond lawyers from Howell Linkous & Nettles.