Sports Facilities Financing

Similar in some respects to tourism facilities, sports facilities bring their own unique challenges when it comes to public finance. In addition to the sometimes problematic tax issues involved with private business use of sports facilities, such as professional team usage, professional performing artists, and corporate boxes in arenas, stadiums, and ball parks, there can also be credit concerns if the facilities are financed on a stand-alone basis. The bond lawyers at Howell Linkous & Nettles have years of experience with these difficult issues in assisting governmental entities with financing strategies for their community’s sports facilities.

The bond attorneys in our firm have addressed the myriad of issues confronting the financing of collegiate sports facilities and community professional and semi-pro facilities. Even with a complex transaction involving many parties, we strongly believe that the only thing clients give up by working with our firm instead of one of the large bond counsel firms is high overhead. By concentrating our practice in just a few related areas of law, and allocating our resources solely in those areas, we can serve our clients in a focused and efficient manner.