Ports Facilities Financing

Whether the project involves a public port facility or a privately-owned or operated port facility, our lawyers can provide experienced guidance in obtaining taxable or tax exempt bond financing for capital projects. We can assist with funding for public port bond issues or, as an alternative, we can provide bond counsel services for project-finance port facilities transactions.

Our bond lawyers have successfully negotiated public-private partnerships for port facilities, and where traditional commercial financing has not been available (upon reasonable terms) to provide funding for port projects, we have successfully created bond finance structures based on usage contracts with major customers of the facilities. In one such financing, our client, the owner/operator of the port facility, enjoyed an investment grade bond rating on its financing due to the creativity of the financing, when traditional commercial lenders refused to finance the project on reasonable terms.

We can assist you with unique approaches to tailoring the financing to meet your company’s or authority’s requirements.